How the Stiff Navicular Sling Taping Helps You Walk More in Portland, Oregon with Less Achilles Tendinitis, Plantar Fasciitis and Posterior Tibialis Foot Pain

The Navicular sling taping reduces pronation, or excess movement of the middle portion of the foot. This can reduce your heel pain by helping the foot function more efficiently. While the taping is not a fix for your foot pain, it can improve how much you’re able to walk, run and stand while fully recovering.

Your team of Physical Therapists at Creekside develop a full plan to get you moving pain-free and at your best. They will utilize hands on treatment to decrease pain, teach you corrective exercise to strengthen the weak parts of your feet and educate you in the best footwear, stretches and self care to decrease the chances your foot pain will return.

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Steps to Apply the Navicular Sling (Arch Support) Tape

This video is a reference for current patients who have been instructed to perform the navicular sling taping at home.

Step 1: Sit in a chair and cross over your left leg to rest the ankle on top of the right leg

Step 2: Clean the foot of all lotions and natural skin oils with soap or rubbing alcohol

Step 3: Apply one end of tape to the central, midportion of the left foot

Step 4: Grab the other end of the tape in left hand and support the arch/pin the end of tape in place with the thumb of the right hand

Sept 5a: As you begin taping, point your ankle towards the right and firmly pull the tape up and over the top of the left foot.

Step 5b: Rotate the left foot so that the arch is facing upward as you secure the tape to the top of the foot.

Step 6: Repeat these steps 1-2 more times for more arch support

Tips for Successful Taping

Before applying the tape, it is important to make sure that the skin is free from any lotions or natural skin oils. Thoroughly clean the skin with rubbing alcohol or wash with soap.

Wet proof tape can cause some skin irritation if it is left on the skin for too long. It is recommended that you remove the tape at night before bed, especially if you tape for consecutive days

Common Taping Mistakes

Anchoring the tape on the outside of the foot vs the central arch: The tape adheres best to the mid arch region.

Tape is too loose: If the tape is not applied tightly enough, it won’t be able to adequately support the arch

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