We can help you with your knee injury. Whether it's providing hands-on techniques to improve mobility and reduce pain or empowering you with exercise programs to build strength, our team can be your solution to getting back to pain-free movement.

Here are just a few of the common injuries we diagnose and treat in our clinics.

  • Meniscus Tears: The meniscus is cartilage that stabilizes the perimeter of the knee joint. Coordination and stabilization exercise to improve your hip & ankle control can decrease strain on a meniscus tear when walking or squatting. Following surgical repair or removal of a meniscus tear, your physical therapist will use hands on techniques to decrease swelling, pain and improve the joint mobility. As your pain improves, they will prescribe a progressive leg strengthening & stability program. Click HERE to read more about how Physical Therapy can help your meniscus injury.
  • Arthritis (Osteoarthritis): Arthritis can limit knee range of motion and cause pain with squatting, walking and standing. Physical therapy to improve joint mobility and improve leg strength is effective at decreasing osteoarthritis related pain.
  • Instability: Ligament tears or hypermobility syndromes can cause knee pain & instability. Coordination and stabilization exercise to improve your hip & ankle control can improve knee stability. Strengthening your thigh muscles improve your muscle’s ability to stabilize the kneecap for confident walking, jumping and squatting.
  • Sprains: Strains can limit your knee’s range of motion and make walking, standing and squatting painful. Your physical therapist will utilize hands on techniques to decrease pain and improve your range of motion. They will help you gradually return to exercises working your knee.

If you're not moving as well as you'd like, we are here to help you in getting back to moving at your best!

Individualized Rehabilitation Plans for You

We take the time to thoroughly understand your goals and assess your entire body to develop a customized rehabilitation plan. During your PT session, we will help you with hands-on techniques to decrease your pain and teach you how to better manage pain at home. We will also create an individualized exercise program for you to further improve your strength and range of motion and decrease pain between sessions.

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