(This review is for the Cornell Road location, with Dr. John Zdor.)

"Every time I come home from my appointments with Dr. Zdor, I tell my husband "My physical therapist is *so good!*"

I was referred to Dr. Zdor by my phenomenal podiatrist, Dr. Denny Le, to treat the foot and ankle pain that I'd had for three years after a sprain. I could go on for paragraphs (well, I guess I will...) about how thrilled I am with the treatment I've received. John isn't just technically excellent, he's a wonderful teacher; he explains anatomy, physiology, and neurological retraining so well, and that kept me motivated to do my exercises at home. He genuinely cares about how clients are doing, is truly happy to hear when they're doing well, and took the time to make some careful adjustments to my previous crummy orthotics to make them more useful until my wonderful new ones from Dr. Le arrived.

One other thing that especially impresses me about John compared with other physical therapy I've had is that he's not locked into a plan with a preordained set of treatments or exercises. On a recent visit we were all set to do some more ligament/muscle/tendon-focused treatments and exercises, but in passing I mentioned a new sensation I had in my foot and he immediately adjusted that day's visit to focus on the nerves in my back and legs in an entirely new way. That flexibility said a lot to me about his holistic approach to treatment.

He and the team--Morgan, Beau, and Hal--are all so nice, friendly, supportive, and encouraging, and are really observant and helpful about every detail of body mechanics to make sure that their clients are getting the most out of every exercise.

I might post a review of a restaurant without feeling super responsible for the quality of other people's experiences, but I would never recommend anything or anyone that might affect another person's health lightly, so I really mean it when I say that I truly could not praise Dr. Zdor and the team at Creekside Physical Therapy more highly."

B. K.