Plantar fasciitis is breakdown & tightening of the connective tissues along the bottom of the foot, the plantar fascia. 

Strengthening these structures and the surrounding muscles is critical to getting back to walking, standing and running without pain! 

Stretching, nerve glides, taping & manual therapy techniques can be very helpful in decreasing pain. 

Here are 4 exercises that can be helpful in introducing strengthening movements to your plantar fascia. Because the intensity is low, these can often be incorporated earlier on in the recovery process. 

Arch forming + seated heel raise


Improving your pronation control is helpful to decrease rotational strain on the plantar fascia. “Forming” your arch to re-align your ankle over the foot is a good starting point. Adding a seated heel raise builds control with these muscles in the different portions of Pushoff in the gait cycle. 

Pressure toe lunges

This is a great stretch & strengthening exercise. Press into the floor with as much pressure as is comfortable. For an added bonus, you can also hold a ‘formed’ arch while doing this. 

Banded toe curls

Think of this as ‘biceps curls’ for you toe muscles. This will help to build their strength to support the plantar fascia 

Staggered heel raises

Shift as much weight on to the painful leg (usually painful leg forward) and rise up onto your toes. Keep it slow and controlled to build strength & flexibility in the plantar fascia!


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